Nicholas Borek | Projekt | Vita 

Since December 2016
Associated PhD student in the Wert und Äquivalent research training group.

October 2016
Participant in Velvet Seminar 1: How to Tackle Greek Coinage, École belge d’Athène in Athens, Greece.

Since September 2016
PhD student in the Münzen und die Dynamik der Macht research training group.

August 2015
Master of Arts (MA) in Classical Studies, Queen’s University (Canada). Thesis Title: “Specialized Personnel” – The Zygostates, the Solidus, and Monetary Technology in the Later Roman Empire.

April 2015 - July 2015
Participant in Translating Ancient Letters - Übersetzungen antiker Briefe, Online Papyrology Seminar hosted by Rodney Ast (University of Heidelberg) and Holger Essler (University of Würzburg).

Sptember 2010 – March 2011
Master of Studies (M.St) in Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford. Incomplete.

April 2010
Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BAH), Queen’s University (Canada). Major: Classical Studies; Minor: Latin Language and Literature.


Research Interests
Greek and Roman Monetary History, Mining and Metallurgy, Numismatics, Papyrology