22. Juni 2017

Giorgos Papantoniou (Universität Bonn)

Political economies and religious ideologies in Cyprus from Classical to Hellenistic times

IG-Farben-Haus, EG 311, 16:15 Uhr

This paper explores the relationship between power and cult, not in the Age of the Cypriot city-kingdoms per se but rather in the context of a changing political landscape that eventually led to the abolition of the Cypriot autonomous Archaic and Classical polities and the establishment of a new order by the Ptolemaic Empire. It also explores some of the Cypro-Classical kings’ (basileis) internal responses to the changing political map of the Mediterranean, suggesting a shift from eastern to western orientations and cultural and iconographic prototypes. Finally, this paper attempts to consider the resulting transformations of the island’s political geography and cultural identities through the medium of sacred landscapes.