Dr. Jennifer M. Bagley
Copper and Social Prestige
Prehistory of Europe

Dr. Federico Buccellati
Communicating Archaeology
Archaeology and Cultural History of the Near East

Dr. Boris Burandt
Archaeology and History of the Roman Provinces

Dr. Timo Christian
The Evaluation of Originality and Dependency in Ancient Art and Literature
Classical Archaeology

Dr. Hugo DeBlock
Indigenous museums and cultural centres in the Pacific, with special reference to the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and National Museum, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Constanze Dupont
Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Martin Fotta
Monetarism and the Contest between Regimes of Values in Brazil
Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Clare Rowan
Bullion and Coinage in the Western Mediterranean 550-100 BC
Lichtenberg Project 'Coinage and the Dynamics of Power: the Western Mediterranean 500-100 BC'

Dr. Mario Schmidt
Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. des. Geraldine Schmitz
Social/Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Hadas Weiss
The "Post-Mauss"- Debate
Social/Cultural Anthropology