Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation - Italian samian ware an other Mediterranean fine ceramics in context of the establishment of the Roman government on the Rhine under Augustus and Tiberius

Archaeology and History of the Roman Provinces
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Hans-Markus Kaenel

Samian ware is a special kind of Mediterranean fine ceramics which production required special clays and knowledge. Furthermore highly developed kilns were necessary. Characteristic for samian ware is the bright red color and the shiny slip. In this way it is very different from the ceramics of the Celtic and Germanic tribes which was common on the regions on the Rhine. Additionally the local pottery is characterized by different shapes. Large amounts of samian ware first reached the Rhine under the reign of Emperor Augustus together with the Roman military.

In this dissertation the appearance and reception of early italic samian ware in local archaeological sites will be examined. Important is the question how far samian ware was accepted, refused or even imitated. In this way the assignment of value of the early samian ware shall be examined.

Focal point of the dissertation is formed by studies of archaeology of economics. The goal is to analyze a representative amount of sherds from important early imperial sites on both sides of the Rhine with geochemical methods. So the samples shall be assigned to their production sites and conclusions about the ways of potterysupply are meant to be made. By the use of special analytical methods it is possible to analyze a large and statistically representative amount of samples.