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Decorated roofs - For decoration to the gods and to benefit the community.

Classical Archeology at Technische Universität Darmstadt
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Franziska Lang

My research focuses on temple roofs from 600 to 400 BC, which were usually marvelously decorated. Therefore, the dissertation deals with the development and distribution of architectural terracotta and addresses questions relating to the transfer, reception or adaptation of material, form, technology and motifs. In order to approach these questions as a whole, I am investigating the entire chaîne operatoire of the construction of a roof. The second complex therefore deals with complex process chains from manufacture, to maintenance and repair, up to the archaeological record. Since the topic of production has already been discussed in ethnoarchaeological studies, the main focus is on the maintenance and repair,both of which had a significant effect on the appearance of a temple. Another aspect concerns the archaeological taphonomy - here the focus is on practices, such as the disposal of temples, in order to question how they moved from the systemic to the archaeological context. The last thematic complex is about changes of meaning and values with the context of increasing serial production in the upcoming 5th century BC.