PhD Candidates

Isabel Bredenbröker
The materiality and economy of commemoration in Ghana - Display, exchange and creation of wealth
Social Anthropology with focus on Africa, Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Hahn

André Luiz Ruivo Ferreira Burmann
Form, context and function of prehistorical sculptures on Nigeria and comparable culture complexes in West Africa
Prehistory of Africa, Prof. Dr. Peter Breunig

Lanah Haddad 
Funeral practices in complex Bronze Age societies in north Mesopotamia located inside settlements
Archaeology and Cultural History of the Near East, Prof. Dr. Dirk Wicke

Silke Hahn
Hidden Values: Comparing Coin Hoards in Roman Germany across the Limes

Archaeology of Coinage, Money and the Economy in Antiquity, Prof. Dr. Fleur Kemmers

Christina Hanzen
The social value of emotions and their embodiment in ancient Greece. A media discourse.
Classical Archaeology, Prof. Dr. Anja Klöckner

Felix Kotzur
Transfer and transformation of values. Studies concerning the use and meaning of Roman vessels within the so-called Barbaricum
Archaeology and History of the Roman Provinces, Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz

Jane Kreiser
For the gods and the society - Value categories of decorated roof in religious contexts
Classical Archaeology at the TU Darmstadt, Prof. Dr. Franziska Lang

Réka Mascher-Frigyesi
Related to objects - ethnological comparative study on culturally conditioned value of taonga in collections in Aotearoa, in Germany and in Switzerland
Social Anthropology with focus on New Zealand, Prof. Dr. Holger Jebens

Francesca Meneghetti
Bronze Age Cypriot Miniature Ingots - Significance and Value(s)
Prehistory, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Krause

Verena Niebel
Evaluations of courtly garments in the Neo-Assyrian period
Cuneiform Studies, PD Dr. Thomas Richter

Sebile Yapici
Food as a mediator for sustainable community relations among uzbek migrants in the US.
Social Anthropology with focus on North America, Prof. Dr. Marin Trenk

Staff members 2013 - 2016

Thomas Hahn
Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation - Italian samian ware an other Mediterranean fine ceramics in context of the establishment of the Roman government on the Rhine under Augustus and Tiberius
Archaeology and History of the Roman Provinces, Prof. Dr. Hans-Markus von Kaenel

Elwira Marta Janus
The garment of the city- on the material texture of urban space in roman Greece
Classical Archaeology at the Technische University Darmstadt, Prof. Dr. Franziska Lang

Lukas Wiggering
"Foreign"objects during the Bronze Age: The change of function and significance of artefacts
Prehistory of Europe, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Krause


Scholarships 2010 - 2013

Selma Abdelhamid (04.2010 - 03.2012)
Submerged value - Means of exchange hoarded in shipwrecks
Classical Archaeology at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Prof. Dr. Franziska Lang

Alexandra Barb
The valuation of art and craft in Hellenistic and Roman imperial society
Classical Archaeology, Prof. Dr. Wulf Raeck