Artist Call

Cleaning and Value – Interdisciplinary Workshop with perspectives from Anthropology and Archaeology

08 – 11 Juni 2017, Frankfurt am Main - Germany

Joseph Beuys‘ 'Fettecke', a gallery corner full of grease, was intend as a sculpture. The cleaning woman thought otherwise. Every now and then, incidents occur in which art is not ‘properly’ identified as such and gets cleaned up. Within the context of a workshop that deals with issues of cleaning and value, such events can exemplify ways in which art is materially linked to ‘external’ pratices and social values outside the art world logic. These different value systems may come into conflict with one another. Contributions addressing such conflicts as well as works directly addressing the topic of cleaning are relevant contributions to our workshop.

We define the term 'cleaning' as representative of a variety of practices. These will be discussed and questionend during the workshop with regards to different disciplines, contexts, regions and epochs. Central issues should be social norms, morals and organization that form the basis for these same practices. Possible keywords for contributions may be, among others: body, objects, gender, ideology, design, recycling, restoration, repair, gentrification, social hierarchies, architecture.

The workshop dedicates an evening to relevant artistic contributions which may take form of an exhibition as well as performances.

Entry conditions

You should be from: worldwide

Degree: fine arts or related disciplines, or selected references

Discipline: all fine arts

Form: open (e.g. painting, sculpture, performance, video)

Exhibition space: Guest houses of the Goethe University Frankfurt, Frauenlob or Ditmarstraße (medium-sized rooms, possibly also garden, images upon request), media art contributions need to provide own equipment

Insurance: none, safe storage available

Artist presence: possibly for the exhibition day

Funding: 250,00€ towards materials upon acceptance of your proposal

Application: Abstract (one page), short CV with references and sketch


Research Training Group 'Value and Equivalence'
Goethe University | Campus Westend | IG-Farbenhaus
Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1 | Fach 50 | 60629 Frankfurt am Main - Germany

Deadline: 27 February 2017

Convenors: Isabel Bredenbröker, Christina Hanzen und Felix Kotzur